headspace – Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation

Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation – headspace (http://www.headspace.org.au/) – is a fantastically successful, nationwide network of youth-friendly clinics which offer medical, psychological, educational and addiction services, for ages 12 to 25. The Canadian Graham Boeckh Foundation –


– has partnered with headspace to bring this exciting model to Canada.

Infino.me: Dr. Clinton Mielke

http://www.infinome.com @InfinoMe

BIL the unconference is the grassroots response to TED. This year, Cosmo Mielke, PhD, an astrophysicist and obesity geneticist spoke at BIL Vancouver about the interactive genetics of obesity and diabetes. He founded infino.me, an open-science genomics experiment which you can join and contribute your personal biodata in the fight against preventable disease.

Functional Brain Imaging in Psychiatric Disorders – One Minute Medical School

Measuring blood flow through the brain can tell us which neurons are working hard and which are underperforming, because hard working neurons demand more blood supply than idle neurons. Single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is one tool we use to create 3D maps of brain activity.  See how it works and how we use it to investigate psychiatric disorders.